We have finally launched our YouTube Channel! Don’t miss our first video & don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE…trust me you’ll enjoy it¬†ūüėć Links to the bikinis listed on the videos: Britlow Swim: – http://bit.ly/BritlowPink – http://bit.ly/2s4xwwp – http://bit.ly/2s5S6we – http://bit.ly/2nGdLH1 Fae Swim: – http://bit.ly/2EElegT Blackbough Swim: – http://bit.ly/BlackBoughSwim2 – http://bit.ly/BlackBough3 – http://bit.ly/BlackboughSwim Kira Swim: – http://bit.ly/KirasGisele … Continue Reading

It comes to no surprise that I love itsy bitsy bikinis, and today seemed like the perfect day to write about my current obsession.Kira Swim kills me every time. I seriously can‚Äôt keep up with their bikinis, I always NEED to have them all. The best part is that I can have as many as … Continue Reading

It‚Äôs finally the weekend, who else is excited? I can finally catch some rays after a busy and gloomy week.Does the tittle sound familiar? YES, I recently wrote a post about Lali + Layla in another set and style (HERE), which you guys loved. Therefore, I felt like it was a no brainer to do … Continue Reading

You know you have a¬†serious¬†problem when you¬†refuse to purchase¬†just ONE bikini. I¬†can‚Äôt recall¬†ever¬†getting¬†just one set when buying at a store or from a certain brand. Therefore,¬†if you haven‚Äôt figured it out by now, I¬†must confess‚ĶI have a problem!I recently wrote about Velvet Sphyx (HERE), but I was just getting started.As I mentioned in my previous … Continue Reading

You can never go wrong with a black little bikini, am I right?Although it‚Äôs freezing (in Florida anything under 70 Degrees is considered cold), I wanted to write a cute little short blog post on my black Skatie bikini.Sounds familiar? YES, I wrote about them (HERE) a few weeks back and I just can‚Äôt get … Continue Reading

Here it goes‚Ķthe ‚Äúnew year, new me‚ÄĚ BS. We are all guilty of that. But, to be completely honest, I do think that the new year gives us good opportunity to start fresh and continue what we couldn‚Äôt finish last year.In my case, I finally got to shoot this pretty Lola Bikini. I’ve previously written … Continue Reading

Merry Christmas, babes!!! The most wonderful time of the year is here and it embraces quality time with family and of course, anticipated gifts. I don‚Äôt want to sound like a brat that only cares about presents for Xmas, but I always do ask for a bikini (no surprise). Lucky for me, my gift came … Continue Reading

I‚Äôve been DYING to¬†rant¬†about¬†another bikini from Lali & Layla.¬†It‚Äôs¬†been over a year since I did my last review about them (CLICK HERE TO SEE PREVIOUS REVIEW). Therefore, I felt it was¬†an appropriate¬†time to give you babes¬†the scoop on¬†her new collection‚Ķ which is to die for. I decided to go for the Chloe Top and paired … Continue Reading

Okay, I know the holidays¬†can be a little¬†rough¬†on our wallets, but¬†we all deserve to reward ourselves with a little something for simply making it through the year (it was a¬†challenging¬†year for me). The top is¬†similar to¬†wearing your favorite bandeau under¬†see-through¬†tops. It is perfect for tanning.The bottom is their¬†famous¬†No-Show Bottom. It has a cute scrunch bottom … Continue Reading

¬†I am a firm believer that if you love a brand¬†you must¬†buy it over and over again. As women, we tend to be a little¬†hesitant¬†of trying new things, especially when it comes to buying online. Therefore, when we find a brand we love (not only looks¬†right,¬†but¬†fits right) we¬†shall¬†stick to it.Although I do love getting risky … Continue Reading