Flowers for Fall

It’s been a while since I’ve written about high-waist bikinis, so I believe we are long overdue. I wanted to write a quick, little blog post to help us all get through the week. I must admit, weekdays aren’t so bad when you get to spend it in #ALittleBikini.This pretty set is from Menina Style Bikinis, remember them … Continue Reading


Oh, hey, it’s Monday again! But instead of complaining about how fast my weekend went by, I am going to say F*CK YOU, MONDAY and take this week like a champ!For some motivation to get you through this week, I wanted to write about this amazing brand, Heysen & Highland.What better way to get the … Continue Reading

Feeling Tropical

With Miami’s temperature rising and summer nearly coming to an end, I have begun to get (a little more) creative with my bathing suits. Looking for more vibrant prints and brands I have yet to talk about now forms part of my daily activity. Today, I bring you this pretty high-waisted bikini from Issa De’ Mar. If you haven’t heard of them … Continue Reading

Summer Solstice

And the day has arrived…Today officially marks the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! Yup, and just like that we are back to the hottest (and most humid) time of the year (at least here in Miami). So, today I’d like to bring you an AMAZING brand, bikini, style, color, print…pretty much my favorite bikini (at the moment) and I’ll tell … Continue Reading

Join The Tribe

In my book, prints are everything. They can either make a plain bikini look expensive or vice versa. Although I do like my unicolor bikinis, when I wear print people often wonder where I got them from. This Montce Aztec bikini is a perfect example of print done right. Let’s start with the style. Just like my previous high-waisted bikini post, I … Continue Reading

You Bandit!

Ahh, where do I begin? I feel like I spend at least four hours a day doing some serious Instagram bathing suit stalking (I hope my boss is not reading this). Some days I succeed, but others I just waste my phone/computer battery. Thanks to my lovely friend Andrea Silvani (she’s the best), I met … Continue Reading