FALLing in Love with Pastel Prints

If I could describe in one word the way I feel in this bikini it would be “FABULOUS”. As you may know by now, we aren’t blessed with a winter wonderland in Miami. Therefore, I have no choice but to take full advantage and rock this extraordinary bikini from Skatie all year long.Skatie is a brand that channels a golden state of mind to bring you … Continue Reading

BlackBough Swim – Blue Splash Collection

It’s no surprise that BlackBough Swim has a piece of my heart. Since the first time I wrote about their Black Flint set, I instantly knew this brand was a keeper in my closet. I’ve been getting such positive feedback from my friends/followers saying they’ve got their hands on their pieces and are in love. It makes me so pleased to see many friends/followers rock … Continue Reading

Rocket One-Piece

Miami’s hot weather is back, and in my book that only means one thing: I’m ready to show you babes all my new bikinis. I must admit, that although we are transitioning into fall, my pieces somehow keep getting brighter and more fun. Not too long ago, I saw one of my bikini idols, gypsyone, wearing Riot Swim. Not only was she killing it, but after stalking … Continue Reading

Rum + Wander

Thanks to a new swimwear brand, Rum + Wander, I am slowly but surely getting over the oh, such Monday BluesThis pretty brand recently launched this May and was founded in sunny California. Its inspirations are: travel, adventure and design. Every piece is handmade to fill our beach days, poolside afternoons, and wilderness ventures with beauty… here it goes!I decided to go for the Kaanapali set. … Continue Reading

And We Are Back

I have to start off by apologizing for being M.I.A. I am currently in the process of moving, and packing all my bikinis hasn’t been an easy task, but moving means MORE GIVEAWAYS COMING SOON! With that being said, now let’s get to today’s bikini which I’m sure you’ll love. This pretty two-piece is from Lychee Swimwear. I have to confess that I got this bikini on … Continue Reading

Baby, You are a Firework!

As the long weekend gets closer and closer (For us here in the U.S) our plans will most likely consist of going to the beach, pool, or any activity that involves being in water – Specially now with this HOT weather. Therefore, in honor of 4th of July approaching, I bring you this Britlow bikini. If … Continue Reading